Elspeth vs Kiora duel deck

Elspeth Vs Kiora dual deck was the latest dual deck that been release by wizard of the coast at the time of this post. This dual deck cost about $45bnd in RH and no that is not how the condition of the packaging when i bought it as this was bought some time ago. From the packaging it self you can see that it contain two foil planeswalker Elspeth and kiora, also this two planeswalker is still playable on standard format at time of this post. Before we get to the card let see what do we get in the packaging.

The rules reference card that you can get also from fat pack and intro pack.

The Elspeth and Kiora deck box for storing your card but this only hold non sleeve card. If you must single sleeve it or even double sleeve it better get two deck box for it.

 I really love this poster thing and it is one of the reason why i like getting an intro pack. Beside the nice art there is also a deck list at the back to keep track of your card.

Now for the good stuff the planeswalker and the 59 preconstruction card and two token on each pack. So include the planeswalker it will be a 60 card deck with no sideboard.

First up is the deck from Elspeth and as you can see the deck is a mono white deck. There are 26 creature, 9 spell, 22 basic land, 2 land and 2 token card.

Next is the Kiora deck and the first thing you can notice is that, it is not a mono color deck but a green/blue deck aka G/U deck (Note for new player Green = G and Blue = U). The card contain in this deck is as follow 22 creature, 12 spell, 22 basic land (11 for each green and blue), 3 land and 2 token.

This is my first dual deck pack and to me this dual deck is kinda worth buying as it contain two planeswalker that are still playable on standard and you can just play a casual game with friend who don't own a deck. I do have some issue with this dual deck. One of the issue is the deck box given, they should try giving a bit bigger deck box so we can actually store the card in at least a single sleeve. Another issue i saw is the token given to Elspeth deck which is only two soldier token. I don't know why they only give two token for Elspeth as her +1 ability is put three soldier token, guess they did not read the card. The last one that i can think off is the emblem card for both Elspeth and Kiora are not given in this set even though both elspeth and kiora last ability get an emblem. Again my guess that they them self did not read the card or it was left out intentionally.


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