Where to get Plamo kit in Brunei

The reason for this post is that even some shop been operated very long already, but still got some people who don’t know where to get some stuff. I hope with this post they can find what they want in ease.

Before we start I want to raise the misconception by some people on what is Plamo kit? well plamo is the short form for plastic model which mean any type of plastic model such as car, bike, tank, airship and a lot more, even mecha such as gundam in which some refers it as Gunpla aka gundam plastic. The reason why I raise that up was because some people still think that plamo = gunpla only instead of general plastic model in which I mention some above. with above subject clear than we will get to the shop.


Area: Kiulap area

location: it is one row with the Chong Hock computer on the first floor

Website main

Gunpla section


The above location is they new location as they just close down they current shop and move it across the road. As of this post the shop are not yet open as it is still under renovation but it will be open very soon. So what do they sell at the shop? they sell a few type of stuff there such as figure, merchandise, magazine, plamo and a few more stuff. Since this is a plamo related post so I will just list out some of the brand they use to carry before they move.

  • Bandai – Gunpla and LBX
  • hasegawa – plane
  • tamiya – car model
  • aoshima – car model
  • kotobukia – mecha model

there may be other more but that is what I remember on what they carry. they carry more of bandai stuff because of Gunpla. They also carry some gundam marker for panel line which cost about $5bnd each.


Guan Hock Lee (Hobby section)

Area: Tengku-link

location: The shop lot that is near the airport runway or where most local call it the old liang toon area as there use to be a supermarket name liang toon there. It is the same location as one of the Chinese restaurant “May Fang”

Guan hock lee is actually one of the oldest music shop. They sell vary of musical instrument from guitar to piano but beside from the music shop they also have two more shop Guan hock lee (Food Section) at batu bersurat and Guan hock lee (hobby section) which is just next door from the music department. The hobby section sell a few type of stuff there from the huge RC and they spare part to plamo and even the tamiya mini 4wd kit but as for plamo they sell from the following brand.

  • Tamiya – Car and military kit
  • Hasegawa – military plane
  • trumpet – military kit

beside from plamo they also sell Tamiya bottle paint and also Tamiya spray can. Since I also do painting (hand/airbrush) this is the shop I go to buy paint, Beside from paint they also sell a few type of stuff for plamo such as masking tape, paint brush, putty, cement, weathering kit and a few more stuff.


Hobby model enterprise

Area: kiulap

Location: Ground floor in seri Qlap mall, opposite QQ Estore.



This is just a small shop lot in the seri qlap mall which is own by sibling who each own a register company name. one click mobile accessary and Hobby model enterprise. On the hobby section you may see that he carry a lot more car model in the shop as the shop is the distributer for aoshima hence the reason on why a lot of car model kit. The brand he carry in the shop is as following.

  • Aoshima – Car model
  • Fujimi – Car model
  • bandai/P-bandai – Gunpla
  • dragon momoko – 3rd party Gunpla
  • MC model – mecha/3rd party gunpla

Beside model kit they also sell tool like plaplate, putty, primer and many more. The owner also do commission build for his customer but that is only when he is not fully occupied by the other customer order.



Area: gadong

location: on the 3rd floor of the mall gadong near the escalator that go up from the AV store.


This shop sell mostly figure and other merchandise but they also sell gunpla and gundam marker.



area: Kuala Belait

Location: it is across the street from KFC in KB town.

For a first timer to this shop they may not know that shop is an actual shop that sell plamo as this shop it self is selling camera stuff from the outside but as you enter and went to the back you will actually see toy in the shelf. This shop used to only cater Tamiya model kit to they customer such as car and military kit but recently they also bring in Bandai Gunpla. This is a good news for people who live in KB as they don’t have to drive 100+ KM to bandar to just buy they model kit. The shop also sell tamiya paint and some tool also, which is good as tool are hard to come by here.


social media seller

here is a list of place that I know sell plamo locally here but don’t own a physical shop yet. The way they usually sell they stuff is by posting the item they sell in they social media page like facebook and people who are interested on they item may contact the seller and he/she will set up a meeting place for you to pay and collect the item.

Again like my card shop post I’m not sponsored by any of the shop above. this post is for info sharing only.


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