June 2016 ZBox mutant

So another ZBox just arrive recently which is the June ZBox with the theme mutant. was suppose to grab this from the post office like a week early but due to the raya festival here the post office was close down.

When i heard the theme mutant the first thing that pop up in my head is X-men and when the box was open there is the usual artwork where if i m not mistaken if from X-men apocalypse and the quote which i m exception from X-men movie.

The first item is a Donatello soft sculpture by funko. i seriously never know this item existed until now as i was expecting another funko pop figure. So far it look well made and Donatello is my favorite turtle of all the four.

Next is the disney infinity figure of the hulk. The figure wise it is not bad though just like the rocket figure i don't have any disney infinity game and the machine to use it and it will just going to be a display for me.

Just like the last two box the shirt artwork is the same with the box artwork.

Just like the last box this one also include a book and it is the X-men hard cover season one. Though i have no idea of this book, i m always happy to add another comic to the collection and might just read this when i got free time.

The last time is the ZBox magazine which come with all the previous ZBox.

personally i think the box was ok but i dont know about that disney infinity figure as not really a fan of it. The Donatello figure/doll was a nice touch i think as i was not expecting that nor do i know that product exis but now i do as for the comic book, well i do collect comic book and i don't own that book yet so it is a nice book added to my collection and as for the shirt, well it is a shirt though the artwork was nice. actually the artwork for the shirt feel nicer than the asggard one before this box.
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