July 2016 ZBox Legend

Another month another ZBox opening and this time the theme of the box is legend.

The first item is the shirt and it is white. The first box that i open that come with white shirt as the last 3 box all come with black shirt. The art on the shirt look like link on a horse from the legend of zelda series. The art work on this shirt are not bad and i have to say out of the 4 shirt that i got from ZBox this has to be the best one yet in my opinion.

 The next item which is also from the legend of zelda series is link shield. Haven't had the chance to open it yet but if they come with a master sword spoon that will be awesome.

 Arrow novel book from the CW TV series of the same name arrow. i'm not really a novel book reader hence why i never bought any novel before but since i got this i think i can start.

Flash figure from DC and for a figure that about 4inch it is not light. Haven't open it yet but it feel like metal but will see if it is really metal when i open it up.

next is the super mario kart wiiU figure and i got a luigi. I got no idea how this is under the legend theme, maybe because of super mario bros game is a legend?

The Last item in the box is the ZBox magazine and the next ZBox theme is invasion.

 Lastly is the box art and a qoute which i seriously don't know from where.

Winter soldier Pop figure

Winter soldier pop figure from the movie captain america: civil war that i got from my second ZBox and this pop figure box was damage due to shipping but lucky beside from the box the figure were not damage. Like all pop figure box the back show all the figure that is in the series.

 Painting wise the figure is not bad. Got no issue on it except for 1 tiny spot of paint chip at the back hair. i don't know that is because of manufacture or because of the shipping but it is just a tiny spot so i got no issue on it. As of now i still got 2 more pop figure that i haven't open yet and i hope to open it soon.

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