The star destroyer in jakku diorama

When i was doing this diorama there were two item i never really use before this. one of the item was the air hardening modeling clay and the other was the tamiya texture paint. With this build i finally manage to use it(without much research) and get the feel of using it on a diorama.

First up was the modeling clay for the base and also i did some sand weathering on the star destroyer with the tamiya weathering kit. I leave the clay to dry for 24hr even though it already feel hard after few hour. Also there is a base before i add in the clay but i some how lost the picture of the base.

After the clay was fully dry and harden i add a few layer of the tamiya sand texture paint on it than i leave it over night for it to dry.

This was the end result i got when the tamiya texture paint are dry.

So far this was a fun build and i got to play with something new to test on. As for how much this diorama cost me it is as following.

  • Plastic board(not sure what it is call but i use this for the base) - $2-3
  • Star destroyer titanium series - $10 approx*
  • modeling clay - $13-15
  • tamiya sand texture paint - $20
  • tamiya weathering kit - $11-15
So it come to a total of approx $63 bnd but lucky for me i got some left over for some of the stuff.
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