Toy con 2015 Brunei competition registration form

So the the 2015 toy con will be held in less than one week and to the people in Brunei and even the neighbouring country who plan to come down to Brunei to join the competition may download from the BHE facebook page or the direct link here. The form need to be submit on the actual day it self with the competition kit. Also they have an Instagram account “official.at.bhe” so if you got an instagram account feel free to add them.


So where is the building that the even going to be held? Above is the Map taken from google Map or you can click here. In the map the building name is call youth center which is located at the capital city it self and it is opposite the royal ceremonial hall. It is also the same building where backpackers stay if they looking for a cheap hostel.

If you guy got question regarding the event feel free to go to they facebook page and PM them.


Magic Origin fat pack


This time it is the fat pack from magic origin. The fat pack are selling at both Reader haven/Urban games and also at Fanboys infinite. One box will cost you $50 bnd per pack but if you preorder it it was at $45 bnd per pack. So what is a fat pack? A fat pack is a product from wizard that contain the following:


one D20 spindown dice



nine booster pack



A pack of the basic land.



Two deckbox



one player guide



one Magic rules reference card.



one box that you can use to store your card.



Also the cover of the pack are all double sided where on the inner side is a poster. The poster you got is depend on who is on the cover in the pack. So if you buy a Chandra pack it will have a Chandra poster.



Above are the card I got for each of the booster pack from this fat pack.



Here are all the rare and the one mytic that I got from this fat pack.


17th july 2015 FNM

Just reach home from FNM and it is currently about 2.40AM. I will not type much here but will just post some of the picture from the FNM in reader haven aka urbangames. Also it is worth mentioning that the FNM format for that night was magic origin draft.



Toy con in brunei in july

If you read the post here and here you will know that the event was postpone last June due to the venue. This post is just to tell that the event will go on this July. The specific date are 31st July 2015 till 2nd Aug 2015. The venue will still remain the same and we hope nothing will happen this time. Ever since the even was postpone in June there was more time to put in planning the event and hope it will be a bigger and better than what has been plan last june.

I will add in more detail here when I can get more in, as for now let hope this even will go on without a hiccup.


Magic Origin prerelease registration

Magic origin prerelease date are coming closer. it is only a week plus before the event start and for people who haven’t register yet I hope you guy register soon. The registration fee are $25bnd per flight and there will be three flight all together, which will start on the 11th july 2015 at reader heaven.


The time table will be approx as below unless there are any changes last minute.

Flight 1 = 11th july 2015 @ 2.30PM

Flight 2 = 11th july 2015 @ 7.30PM

Flight 3 = 12th july 2015 @ 12PM


The registration will be open till the actual day it self but it will be $30 per flight on the actual day and to avoid disappointment better register as soon as you can on any of the flight that you can join or better yet join all three flight. If any of you guy joining than best of luck and may you draw well.


Portent Flyer


The portent flyer is a simple kit that when fully assemble it can be a back pack for a few specific HG kit.




inside the box it contain a manual and three white runner. All the part are white in color and no paint are require, unless you want this kit to match the color scheme of your kit.




The are three mode you can make it into. you can’t make all three at the same time unless you own three set of this kit. To change mode all you need is just part swap.




This is the peg that can be connected to the HG kit to make this kit into a backpack.




If you own a Gundam Portent the part actually fit on it. So you now got a part to change your portent look a bit than the default portent look.


KMC Hyper Mat sleeve

First off I have to say at last my windows live writer is working with blogspot again and I no need to log in just to type a post.



Back to this post. This is the hyper Mat sleeve from KMC. There are 80 sleeve in each packet unlike the ultra pro which only have 50 sleeve per packet but this sleeve cost at $11bnd per packet at reader havens.



inside the big packet there are two packet inside where each packet hold 40 sleeve inside.



The back of the sleeve are mat with a bit of engraving and the front part are a clear plastic due to that the shuffling feel nice and smooth.



The sleeve is not indestructible though as I manage to split it but it does give me a bit of resistance when doing so. Another thing is that when I did this the back part of the sleeve got tear. I m not sure this is a thing for matt sleeve or it only happen to this sleeve.


The Pro.

  • The sleeve come in a pack of 80 sleeves so you can sleeve that 60 cards deck with the sideboard and you still got extra 5 more sleeve for just in case the sleeve you use split.
  • The sleeve fit just nice for double sleeving.
  • the shuffle feel is just nice.
  • Even though it can be split but it still hold up when with it for some time.


The Con.

  • The sleeve still can split.
  • The price are a bit expensive as $11 for 80 sleeve while you can get 100 ultra pro sleeve for $12.
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