August ZBox Invasion

This is actually a very late post as by the time i post this up i already receive my September ZBox which i will post it up on the blog.

First up is a doll of Durotan from the warcraft movie. I actually haven't watch the movie yet so i cant really say much about the character it self but the doll it self is not bad.

Next time in the box is a titan vinyl figure from the alien series. In the box they give you the alien with ripley and i have never own any titans vinyl figure so i don't know what to expect from them.

This is one of  the figure that i will never put on my bed side unless i want to scare my self early in the morning. It is the weeping angel bobble head from the doctor who series and i will stop there as to not spoil the series for who ever haven't watch the series.

This is the image of the shirt that came with the box again i got no complain on design.

The last item in the box is the ZBox magazine .

The box art this month as you might have already know from the shirt it self with the Quote that i'm not sure is from who.

Overall the box this time does not come with a lot of stuff but i say it is just ok. I always appreciate stuff from doctor who series even though it is the weeping angel that i hope does not come to life and also the alien series. The shirt i got no complain as i m always like getting a shirt from them but the only thing i m not sure of is the warcraft doll.


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