Star wars star destroyer titanium series

So I was in the local Toy R Us here in Brunei and my plan was just to look around and not planning to spend, but end up buying 3 star wars stuff. One of the item that I end up buying is this star destroyer titanium series.

This die cast cost around $9.90 bnd each and there are a few more model out there like the X-wing, tie fighter, advance tie fighter and a lot more.

inside the box you can see that it also give you a stand to hold the star destroyer for display it out of the box.

On the stand it self there is a star wars emboss on it. it is a little bit hard to see on some angle but it is there.

Here is the view of the star destroyer.

This is the bottom view of the star destroyer. I was hopping that they would hide the screw better but unfortunately the 3 screw slot pop up and make the bottom part ugly.

The ship got a lot of detail but it look plain when it out of the box. So here I apply some panel line with the tamiya panel line paint to make the detail pop up.

So far I was please with the produce but that does not mean I don’t have any issue with it.The 1 and only issue I have with this ship is the 3 screw slot on the bottom of the ship. wish they can hide it a little better.


Magic Origin Clashpack


Magic origin clash pack english version was sold in Urbangames/RH and also in Fanboys Infinite for $40 each. Considering the card that in this pack, the $40 kind of worth it especially some of the card is a staple for standard and six of the card is an alternative art. Do take note that this pack of mine is the japanese pack but it is the same contain except for the wording in japanese.



Inside the pack contain two pack of card, one deck box, one cardboard card divider, one poster with the deck list and one magic rule.



This the contain for one of the pack.



This the card list for the another pack of card.



This is all the six foil alternative art that was in this pack. From the top left Valorous stance, Honored hierarch, seeker of the way and from the bottom left siege rhino, sandsteppe citadel and Dromoka the eternal.


As for the rest of the card name you may check here.


Magic origin deck builder tool kit


This is my first time opening a deck builder tool kit and yes this is the Japanese version of the tool kit as I order this online without knowing the store also stock them. The tool kit will cost about $30 bnd from reader haven/urbangames and fanboys infinite but as of this post Fanboys infinite are sold out.



Well beside the box which you can use to store your card, you will also be given the rule card with a poster with some description and such (I don’t know how to read Japanese). You also will be given 4 booster pack, 1 from origin and the 3 pack will be random as some can be from nyx, theros and even M15. Beside from the 4 booster pack you will be given 4 pack of card, 2 of the pack will be land and the other 2 will be the bulk common and uncommon card and also some rare.



The 2 pack of land they give you also included 2 of each dual land and the rest are the basic land.



The other 2 pack give you the bulk common and uncommon and also 5 rare which is 1 from each color.



Here is what I got from the pack that was from this tool kit.


So far I found $30 for this tool kit a bit expensive especially when you got 4 booster pack and 3 of them are random as some of the set will be roll out of standard soon and if you are not a morden player the card will be kind of useless to you in standard in few month time. Beside from that everything seem good.


ultra pro play mat from origin


This is my second play mat that I bought this year but it is the first from ultra pro so I just compare this mat with the ultra pro play mat from the fate reforge that my friend got. The play mat come with a cardboard packaging in a triangle shape and also the ultra pro wording on it. This mat was bought online as the local shop here does not carry this mat and it cost me about $45 bnd with shipping.


I got my self the nissa artwork as I feel it has a nice art work than the rest of the origin planeswalker artwork mat. one thing that I notice is that this mat is thinner than the ultra pro mat that my friend have. to me that is not a bad thing as it is easy to roll up and put in the ultra pro tube for the mat. I try to roll up my friend mat before and you need to roll it up nicely for it to fit in the tube. So far I got no complain with the printing of the mat and the quality, I play a few game with it and it feel nice compare to my other mat. Well maybe this is a new mat we will see how it feel after a few more use.


the Toycon 2015 brunei schedule


Above is the schedule for this upcoming event in pusat belia. There maybe some other stuff going there that is not in the schedule so just come down and have fun.


Toy con 2015 Brunei competition registration form

So the the 2015 toy con will be held in less than one week and to the people in Brunei and even the neighbouring country who plan to come down to Brunei to join the competition may download from the BHE facebook page or the direct link here. The form need to be submit on the actual day it self with the competition kit. Also they have an Instagram account “official.at.bhe” so if you got an instagram account feel free to add them.


So where is the building that the even going to be held? Above is the Map taken from google Map or you can click here. In the map the building name is call youth center which is located at the capital city it self and it is opposite the royal ceremonial hall. It is also the same building where backpackers stay if they looking for a cheap hostel.

If you guy got question regarding the event feel free to go to they facebook page and PM them.


Magic Origin fat pack


This time it is the fat pack from magic origin. The fat pack are selling at both Reader haven/Urban games and also at Fanboys infinite. One box will cost you $50 bnd per pack but if you preorder it it was at $45 bnd per pack. So what is a fat pack? A fat pack is a product from wizard that contain the following:


one D20 spindown dice



nine booster pack



A pack of the basic land.



Two deckbox



one player guide



one Magic rules reference card.



one box that you can use to store your card.



Also the cover of the pack are all double sided where on the inner side is a poster. The poster you got is depend on who is on the cover in the pack. So if you buy a Chandra pack it will have a Chandra poster.



Above are the card I got for each of the booster pack from this fat pack.



Here are all the rare and the one mytic that I got from this fat pack.

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