Magic Origin Clashpack


Magic origin clash pack english version was sold in Urbangames/RH and also in Fanboys Infinite for $40 each. Considering the card that in this pack, the $40 kind of worth it especially some of the card is a staple for standard and six of the card is an alternative art. Do take note that this pack of mine is the japanese pack but it is the same contain except for the wording in japanese.



Inside the pack contain two pack of card, one deck box, one cardboard card divider, one poster with the deck list and one magic rule.



This the contain for one of the pack.



This the card list for the another pack of card.



This is all the six foil alternative art that was in this pack. From the top left Valorous stance, Honored hierarch, seeker of the way and from the bottom left siege rhino, sandsteppe citadel and Dromoka the eternal.


As for the rest of the card name you may check here.


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