Star wars star destroyer titanium series

So I was in the local Toy R Us here in Brunei and my plan was just to look around and not planning to spend, but end up buying 3 star wars stuff. One of the item that I end up buying is this star destroyer titanium series.

This die cast cost around $9.90 bnd each and there are a few more model out there like the X-wing, tie fighter, advance tie fighter and a lot more.

inside the box you can see that it also give you a stand to hold the star destroyer for display it out of the box.

On the stand it self there is a star wars emboss on it. it is a little bit hard to see on some angle but it is there.

Here is the view of the star destroyer.

This is the bottom view of the star destroyer. I was hopping that they would hide the screw better but unfortunately the 3 screw slot pop up and make the bottom part ugly.

The ship got a lot of detail but it look plain when it out of the box. So here I apply some panel line with the tamiya panel line paint to make the detail pop up.

So far I was please with the produce but that does not mean I don’t have any issue with it.The 1 and only issue I have with this ship is the 3 screw slot on the bottom of the ship. wish they can hide it a little better.


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