Inner Sleeve ultra pro pro-fit VS KMC perfect size


So the local card shop Reader Haven/Urban games just bring in the sleeve from KMC series. Since this is the first time I got a KMC perfect size so I going to put it to the test again the pro-fit that been sold for some time here.

So the start it off, both pack contain 100 sleeve each with the size mention on the pack 64mm X 89mm. The different is that KMC sleeve is made in japan while the ultra pro is made in the USA as been mention on the pack. Another different between the two pack is that the price for both pack, where the ultra pro pro-fit cost at just $5 bnd and the KMC perfect size cost at $6 bnd which is a $1 bnd extra. So what do I get for the extra $1 bnd? that will be answer below but before I go ahead and answer that I do need to note that the price is from one of the local card shop here in Brunei and it may vary somewhere else like for example online order and such.

Now to answer the question on why do I need to spend the extra $1 bnd? one of the reason is the durability of the sleeve it self. you want a sleeve that can protect your card without having to worry the sleeve will split in two when u sleeve it. To test out the sleeve I took one of each sleeve and try to split it and you can see the result below.


This is the Ultra pro Pro-fit sleeve and as you can see the sleeve is split in two and I can split it easily like a hot knife cutting a butter.


So this is the KMC perfect size and as you can see I did not manage to split the sleeve into two but it just stretch. After a few more attempt after this was post I still did not manage to split it and it just continue to stretch. So some people may say “Hey I don’t sleeve that hard till my pro-fit split.” true as I also been using pro-fit before this and I sleeve my card slowly so my sleeve does not split. So why should I still need to pay the extra $1 bnd to get the KMC?


This is the reason why. The above card have been sleeve with the ultra pro Pro-fit and as you can see the card got curve and the bottom part is not fully seal and moisture can still get into you card which is a no no for foil card. So since both pack got the same size of 64mmX89mm will the KMC sleeve give the same effect as the ultra pro?


The answer to that is no. Even though both pack state the same size the KMC sleeve are better as it will not bend/curve your card and it give you that nice seal on the bottom hence the name perfect size. Another thing that I notice when I use both of the sleeve is that with KMC the card can just slid in the sleeve effortlessly.

So in conclusion, the extra $1 bnd is worth the investment especially when you are handling the expensive card.


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