Ultra Pro play mat & Artwork tube


was meant to post this and a few more sooner but due to my window gone corrupted and I lost all my data on the laptop. Anyway this is the play mat and & artwork tube by ultra pro and as you may have guested from the name it is a tube to hold your play mat or artwork but for my purpose it is for storing my play mat. I got this tube locally at the Reader’s haven and it cost about $10bnd per tube and it a good thing to have to keep your play mat from dust or dirt. The tube is make from a transparent plastic and have a length of approx. 15 inch. Due to the length, this tube can store a play mat up to 15 inch which can store most of not all type of play mat.


The two rubber stopper at both end of the tube got the engrave of the ultra pro and also a small hole. The hole is there so you may easily cover the tube with the rubber as it release the air from the tube out.


here is how it look like when there is a play mat in the tube. So far I found it is a nice thing to have as I mention early that the tube help protect the mat from dust and dirt, also it protect it from getting wet. The downside of this tube is the shape because it is round, the tube tend to roll away when you placing it on a table unlike the other brand like monster protection where the shape is a prism/triangle. As of now I m quite happy with it as it cost only $10bnd and it keep my mat clean and dry.


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