Star wars AT-AT metal model kit

This is my first time building a metal model kit and i know there are a few type out there from car to even gundam model. Good thing about this kit is that no glue nor soldering is needed and all you needed is a nipper to cut out the part and a needle nose pliers.

Inside the packaging there are two metal sheet and a manual on how to assemble the kit it self. The reason why this kit no need glue or soldering is because there is a small hole for the part to fit in and you can use the plier to flaten it or twist it so the part will stay in place. i my self don't have a needle nose pliers so i just Mc guyver it and manage to fix it up in a day time.

This is how the finish product will look like. It is approx. 10-15cm tall and very shiny as you can see that the body is almost like a mirror. Beside the shape there are also detail on the kit it self which make it even nice to look at. During the building process you need to bend or roll the flat metal sheet at a designated area on the part and there was not a broken piece at the end of the build, even the part i multiple bend and unbend is still strong which is a good thing as you don't want a broken peace on this kit.

Now on to the problem. during this build i notice there was some problem which some is minor and some that complicate thing. The minor issue i notice is that this kit is a finger print magnet due to the shiny metal, so if you just pick up the kit with bare hand you will notice that there will be finger print.
another minor thing is there are no label on the metal sheet it self and you need to check the manual often either you got the correct part or not. The thing that make it complicated i will say is the manual it self, yes the thing that suppose to make your life easy is the thing that make your life complicated. first of all it did not show you how to bent the part all they show you are how the part going to be look like so there going to be multiple bending and unbending of the metal. second thing is that the part go to which hole was not show clearly, it is still fixable but you may need a bit more time seeing it where it actually go. The last thing is that there was actually a mistake in the manual which lead me to a hold for like 15min to get it fix which i did not follow the manual on that part.

Despite the issue after it is finish it is one nice kit for display. Though there are no movable part it is still nice to have especially if you are a star wars fan.


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