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It been a while I post any gundam related stuff on this blog (well the old before I decide to clear everything off and start fresh). This gunpla was from the animation series Gundam build fighter try and it come with a few runner, sticker and the manual. I actually fix this up before I was thinking of refreshing this blog which is the reason y there was no picture of the runner and stuff.


This was how the finish model look like after I was done with it. before I go on I need to mention that the cable u saw in this picture was not include with this kit and it was an add on I did which I will show later on. This kit is an easy to do kit as there was not much runner in it so it should be able to finish it with in a day for a OOB build. Articulation wise for this kit was actually pretty good but I do have issue with the arm keep falling off when you try to turn it.

Weapon and extra


well beside from the GN pierce sword which is what I use to pose the gunpla with, it also come with the GN smash rifle and also the beam saber attachment which you can use to attach on the handle from the back of the gundam portent. beside the weapon they also give you three extra fist but I some how manager to lost one of them before able to take the picture.


As for the cable that I mention early it was for this purpose. I install a LED to the chest part and the wire was leading to the battery compartment. If you don’t have this kit yet and was wandering is there a compartment to put in the LED? the answer is a no they don’t. The only way I was able to insert in the LED was to drill some hole on the kit it self. I did drill a wrong part in which left the waist part articulation a bit poor.

in short this was a easy to build kit for me and due to the less runner I was able to finish it in a day or two.


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