Where to get card in Brunei (MTG,Vanguard and other)

First off this post is not sponsor by any of the shop that I will be mention but this post is mostly for people who is in Brunei and are looking for where to buy card game. The reason for this post is for people who use to be like me, people who want to play the card game but don’t know where to start or where to buy. I got a few list of shop that sell the card and I will try to give some detail on the item they sell from what I know.

Reader's Haven Bookstore


Unit 6 Bgn Hj Lamudin Hj Jafar dan Wun
Spg 129 Jln Jerudong
BG3122, Brunei Darussalam

opening hour:

Monday – Wednesday, Saturday – from 11AM till 9PM

Friday – from 2pm till 9pm

Sunday – 10am till 6pm

Thursday – close

RH google map

First off this shop is located in Jerudong and I attach an image from Google map to show you how to reach the location. A bit detail on the map to get you to the shop location, basically the shop lot is direct opposite to a Muslim grave in which if you are driving from Sengkurong, it is the first junction on the left after the traffic light near the Indian shop.


When you reach the shop lot there are one stair case to the first floor with a stainless steel gate. upon reaching the staircase there, you may able to see some poster up on the wall and just head up and is the door on the right.


Upon entering you will notice that the shop is part book shop and part card shop as I heard that this place use to be a book shop hence the name Reader’s haven bookstore but now mostly people who go there just to buy or play card game and only once a while some people who drop by for book. For someone who want to start playing card game like MTG I would suggest you to come here as the reason is there are some intro deck in the store which is for teaching beginner to the game, So you can test it out before making a purchase. The shop also host FNM every Friday night from 7 or 7.30PM Brunei time onward till the game finish and they also host a vanguard night on Saturday night but the game also depend on the people who came, if no people or less people the game night will be cancel. There are also a few table there for you to come and play with friend or build/upgrade a deck from the newly purchase card/pack from the shop.

So what do they sell here? Well they sell a lot of thing from MTG stuff to vanguard stuff to other stuff like Weiss Schwarz, Monster Collection, Victory Spark, Chaos. They also sell stuff from ultra pro and KMC like the card sleeve. This is the only shop from my list here that sell single card

What is the price range for each of the item? As of now I only know on item related to MTG as I have not yet started venture off to the other series of the card game but the price range is as following.

  • booster pack – $5.50 bnd
  • intro pack – $22.50 bnd
  • Fat pack – $50 bnd
  • booster box – $180 bnd
  • dual deck – $45 bnd (well for my elspeth vs kiora dual deck not sure on the older series)
  • single card – the price vary from card to card

for the accessory like sleeve is as following:

  • Inner sleeve – $5 to $6 bnd
  • outer sleeve – $6 to $11bnd
  • ultra pro deck box – below $10 (not sure of the actual price as I usually just make my own)
  • ultra pro folder sleeve – $1 bnd each (folder not included)
  • playmat – around $30 bnd
  • ultra pro tube for playmat/artwork – $10 each

note: the price may vary from the above if it is an old series of the game or a special type.

For more info on the item I would suggest to just drop by the shop.


Fanboys Infinite

opening hour:

Mon-Fri: 2:00 pm to 8.00 pm
Sat-Sun: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm


The second shop is much easy to find as it is located at Menglait near to the le apple bakery as shown on the image above. Also unlike the first one this shop is more to selling book, comic book to be precise. Beside from comic book they also sell some other merchandise like poster print, figure and card.


So far they only carry this two type of card, which are vanguard and also MTG card. Once again the price for the MTG stuff is the same as Readers.

note: the three picture under the fansboys infintie shop was taken from they facebook page and I don’t claim any right to any on this three picture.


 ETA Game @ Cineplex


the mall gadong 3rd floor, cinema area.

opening hour:

Mon - Sun:

10:30 am - 10:00 pm


there nothing much to say about this shop as most people who go to the mall may already know about this shop. They are the shop that sell game (playstation, xbox,PC,nintendo) but they also sell vanguard there in the shop. Once again I can’t give any price range as I my self don’t know how much they are worth.




same building as mum bakery in seria town.

opening hour:



This shop in my list are located in seria town. I my self don’t know the shop name but it is located in the same building as mum bakery in seria town. I only ever visit the shop once and they sell a lot of vanguard card and a little bit of MTG stuff. price wise I think it is a bit expensive for the MTG stuff but if you live in Seria/KB than I think the price may be ok due to it save you a lot of time than driving down to bandar in which the travel cost may add in and the price may be almost the same or even higher.


MTG Brunei facebook page

This is not really a shop but more to a facebook page that do sell/trade for MTG card. It is a good place if you are looking to sell off some of your collection or want to trade some card. It is also the place for you where you can buy some single that you want off a player who have the card and willing to sell it off.


That is all for my list if I know any more new place I will either just update this or maybe I just create a new post. I do hope the new player will find this useful so they can start learn to play and as for me I think I need to start learning to play vanguard so I can give a better info in future Smile with tongue out


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