How, why and what is needed for double sleeving

What is needed for double sleeving?


Double sleeving you require two type of sleeve, the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve. In this case I be using two brand of sleeve the KMC and the ultrapro for both the inner and outer sleeve. The last item that is require are the card that you want to protect, in this case I be just using my token card that I have laying around my table. As to what the different between the KMC and ultrapro inner sleeve you can check out my old post here.

How to double sleeving?


The inner sleeve go first from the top of your card until it is fit firmly.


Next the outer sleeve are insert from the bottom of your card so it cover the inner sleeve opening.


That is how you double sleeve your card. the process are the same for the other brand of sleeve or card.

Why do I need to double sleeve?


the first reason is friction. if you are the type of person who like to keep changing the card sleeve often the card may worn out due to the friction from putting in and taking out from the sleeve. With double sleeving the inner sleeve will protect the card from the friction. So what do it offer beside protection from friction as there maybe some people who don’t change they sleeve often.


The answer is water. Water is almost every where, from your drink to the pool of water on the floor. It is a rare event where the water will spill or you drop your card into a pool of water but it can happen and when that happen your card will be damage. So does double sleeving protect your card from water?


Well we will find out. I saw this been done from Tolarian Community College last time and I feel like trying it, so I put in two card. one card is using the KMC perfect size with KMC super series sleeve and the other card is using the ultrapro pro-fit with the ultrapro matte sleeve.


The outer layer is obviously wet for both of the card.


After removing the outer sleeve, the inner sleeve are a bit wet on the top part. So if this was a single sleeve your card would already be wet.


After removing the inner sleeve, both card was still dry. The thing that surprise me was that the card in the ultrapro is also dry as my initial though was that the card in the ultrapro sleeve are going to get wet. The reason was the ultrapro pro-fit tend to be a bit too small, so when sleeving with the pro-fit there tend to have a bit of opening at the end. I did this experiment twice and both also give me the same result.

Con of double sleeving

Nothing is perfect as where there is a pro in something they usually is a con also.

  1. Double sleeving can make your card thick, like a 60 card deck magically look like a 90 card deck. So player who is not use to shuffling such a thick card may have some issue to shuffle they deck.
  2. Another issue with double sleeving card which maybe a minor issue but some of your deck box may not be able to store a double sleeve 60 card deck especially when there are side board also in it.
  3. Double sleeving may cost more as you need to get the inner sleeve and some time you may need to get a new deck box due to point number 2.

In my conclusion I feel that if you are play with the expensive card it is better to double sleeve it.


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