Ultra Pro Deck Box

This will be my first purchase of deck box as i usually just make it my self using a duct tape in which you can check it out here a video from a youtube where i learn to make one. Since i was lazy to make two for the Elspeth and kiora deck so i decide to get this two box. This deck box cost $6bnd each at Reader Haven and since the $12bnd can save me a lot of time so i m thinking why not.

This deck box got no issue with storing a 60 single sleeve card deck and it still got space for the side board.

I cant say the same about double sleeve though, as box can only hold 60 double sleeve card. So this box cant hold any sideboard if the card is double sleeve. There are an ultra pro deck box that are bigger than this that can hold 60 double sleeve card and double sleeve sideboard but that box i don't have any.

One thing i don't like about this deck box though is that with a little shake the top can open by it self and cause your card to fall out.


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