Japanese brand Deck Box

First off no it is not from ultrapro, ultimateguard or any of that branded deck box. It is a a deck box from some Japanese company which i don't know which one as i don't read Japanese. It is cheap deck box as it only cost $5bnd for a set of two and there were two color to choose from clear or clear red. However this deck box is not selling at the card shop here as i got mine from a MTG player who were selling the box.

So what are the Pro of this deck box compare to the other deck box that i bought (ultra pro).

  • It is cheap as ultra pro deck box cost me $6 bnd per box and this cost me $5bnd for two.
  • It can store 75 card double sleeve while my ultra pro can only store up to 60 cards double sleeve.
  • There is a locking to the deck box so the card will not fall off when given a shake upside down.
Well there are no such thing as a perfect deck box so here are the con of the deck box.
  • Lack of color choice unlike the ultra pro which got plenty of an option. Than again since i don't know this company well and they may have other color out there but i haven't seen any yet so i just left this as a con for now.
  • There are an opening on both side of the flap. The reason why i say this is a con is because that there is a chance that water may enter the opening and ruin your card.
In the end i feel that this deck box is still worth it as it is cheap and can store your 60 card deck with sideboard. Color wise i don't really bother as i'm planing to paint one of it and see how it go. If all go well i can have any color of deck box i want.


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