[Dragon Momoko] little bear family

First thing first, this is not from Bandai and it is from a third party company call dragon momoko or DM for short. It cost $22bnd per box at hobby model ent shop and in each box you get three little bear and not one. This kit is an easy to build kit and you can finish building one little bear in like 15-30 min.

The manual is at the back of the box and not in a booklet. This i don't really mind as i only need to build one little bear with the manual and i can build the rest without it as it is easy to build.

This is what you get from the box. Three identical runner with three different color, than another 3 identical runner with the same white color. Also two PC part with one sheet of sticker for the eye and nose. Plastic wise it look very good, sure you can't compare it with Bandai but so far the nub are place in a hidden way so the kit will not have much nub mark when it is finish assemble. As for the snap fit so far it was all good except for the ear part where i need to give it a bit more effort to make it snap in.

This is how it look like when it is finish assemble. Each bear are approx. 8-10cm tall hence the name little bear. so far it take a bit of balancing work to make it stand on it own and maybe just maybe you can use the nendoriod stand for this but i m yet to test that.

They also give you a chair and some kind of a shield thingy (not sure what it is). The chair can be connected to the back of some of the 1/144 gunpla backpack slot so instead of a backpack the gunpla is carrying this little bear on a chair, though it would look better with a bearguy III kit.

This is all the three color bear in one box. manage to finish all three approx an hour or so while watching some series. one box down and five more to go and i'm planing to give each bear a different color so any bear build after this three will be painted. So if everything go well i will have at least eighteen bear and each will be in different color from other.


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