April 2016 ZBox

First off i have to say this is my first box i ever bought from zavvi.com but i ever saw some of the unboxing video in youtube regarding some of they older box so i have some idea what to expect in the box. The reason why i jump in and bought the Zbox by zavvi and not other crate service like loot crate, 1up and many more was because the other crate/box service do not deliver to brunei but the ZBox do and also it was a box with batman theme. If in future the other service decide to ship it to brunei than i think i may want to try they service also. Now that out of the way time to open the box.

This is what the packaging look like, with a charate like deadpool, captain america, joker and it look like boba fett on the top and darlek, stormtrooper, master chief and yoda at the side. Apparently this was the new box look as the one before this was only a black box with the ZBox logo.

This is what it look inside when you open the box.

The first item that you can see when opening the box is the Wonder woman Kawaii cubes. There are like 16 of this kawaii cubes in this series 1. This cube i feel it would be good if the box was a DC theme box but since this is a batman theme box it feel a bit out of the theme unless what you get is batman. Than again i don't mind with the doll as it will just be hanging as a deco after i find a spot to hang it from.

The shirt that come with the box this time look what like bruce wayne walking to wayne manor.

3D puzzle Batmobile. This like the shirt i got no complain on since i also like building stuff like model kit. This will be a nice additional to my batmobile.

This i m not so sure what to say beside the tin case look nice but it only it was a bit bigger i can use it to hold my MTG deck. As for the card it self it is just like any playing card with batman theme.

This is another thing i'm 50-50 for now, maybe after i start doing the puzzle i might change my mind on it on either it was good or bad or it might still be 50-50 who know.

Than there is an issue of the ZBox magazine which telling you what you get in the box. there is also some pic of the pass box and also some batman info.

Lastly is the box art inside, it look nice and there is a quotes by the joker from batman (1989).

After actually opening the box it feel underwhelming. I just hope the next box which is the civil war theme is better than this.


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