MTG Shadow Over Innistrad Pre-release pack

It been a while since i port anything here and this time is it the pack from the SOI pre-release from a few week ago. The deck box this time look very nice but than again it is not for heavy usage since it is already start getting damage from just carrying it around in a backpack. i only have 2 pack as i only manage to join the 2nd and 3rd flight as the 1st flight was midnight and i got work in the morning.

This is the uncommon card from the 2nd flight. will not post the common card this time around as it is a lot and i also i got lazy.

The rares card

On this pack i mange to get 3 mythic and i also got my self the archangel Avavyn for the pre-release promo which as the time this is post it is like a $100usd card for foil. Beside from that i also got my self the Arlinn kord planeswalker which is like a $30 usd card.

This is all the uncommon card from the 3rd flight pack.

Got a few more rare card this time around but no mythic in this pack. The promo this time around was the Odric, Lunarch Marshal which only cold like $4 usd for foils.

In term of value the 2nd flight pack already made back on what i spend on the 2 pack it self which is $25 bnd per pack. As for now let hope the 2nd and last set for this block is good also.


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