3d batmobile puzzle

So i finally start building this puzzle that i got from the April edition of ZBox and i have to say it is an easy build. No tool or glue are needed to assemble it but having something to poke out some of the cardboard does make it easy and i my self use the cutter knife to poke out the small precut cardboard.

In side the box you can will get one piece of instruction on how to assemble it and the cardboard part.

Since i was to tired so did not manage take picture of the WIP so here is what it look like after has finish been assemble and it bigger than i though it will be. It take me about 15-30 min to finish assemble it but it was an easy assemble.

Here is how big is it compare to the 1/24 scale batmobile by bandai. Now this is done all that left that need fixing from the box is the 150 piece puzzle which will take some time since i m not really a jigsaw puzzle person.



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