Overwatch Pop figure Reaper

First off i got to say this is the first pop figure that i ever bought even though i was planing to get some of the figure before this but i never really end up getting any. Since Blizzard is release they Overwatch line of pop figure so i decide to grab it. The current line up as on the back of the box are Tracer, Reaper, Widowmaker, Winston, Soldier 76 and Pharah but unfortunately the local game shop Game Central only manage to bring in Reaper which cost at $22BND but i do hope they manage to bring in the other in as i m not able to order from the blizzard gear store as they don't ship to Brunei.

As for the figure it self it is not bad as it is quite detail from the belt to the shotgun shell to the boot and the shotgun it self it is very detail. Though i can't really compare it to the other figure of the pop series as i got no other figure to compare it at the moment. As nice the figure is, it is not flawless as i find some scratch mark on one side of the hood it self. It might because the black use there is Matt black which tend to show scratch mark easily or during the packaging or even during the shipping of the figure which cause the figure to move and scratch the figure. I wish they put some type of plastic wrapper on the head to prevent the scratch just like other figure from other manufacture.

In the end as an Overwatch fan this is a nice thing to collect and i can just close one eye for that scratch as it is not really that bad if it in the box but i can always respray it if it annoy me. As for the $22Bnd price range i found it to be quite ok as it cost around 10usd which is about 13-14Bnd and if you add in the shipping cost usually for me the box that size cost me around 20bnd i say it is quite cheap. Now i just have to wait for the local game shop to bring in the rest if not my last resort will be ebay them.


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