September ZBox Marvelous

Got this box some time ago and yes it look like it be hulk smash by the hulk but i also found out that our local post office now send small parcel direct to your door step. This was good for me as i m always lazy to drive during my lunch time just to pick the box up at the local post office. Now back to this box, if you still haven't figure out yet the theme for the box it is marvel theme.

The first item in the box is an ice cube tray. I never own any design ice cube tray before so this is my first marvel ice cube tray. I don't know what i m going to say about an ice cube tray so i just skip to the next item in the box.

Next is the dorbz vinyl of a ghost rider from marvel series one set. I don't know much about dorbz figure except that almost all if not all of they figure have a smiling face to it.

Pop figure of scarlet witch from the latest captain america movie civil war. few month back i got bucky pop figure from ZBox and i was lucky of not getting the same figure again.

Next is the spider-man print. The size of the print is roughly about an A4 size and i think i might just frame this up when i got time but i have no idea who the artist who drew this and if only it is sign also that would be nice.

The T-shirt that come with the box. Never had any issue with the shirt so far and i love the shirt design.

Last item the ZBox magazine.

The box art and a quote that i don't know from where.

Again there was not much stuff in the box just like the last one but it is ok i guess. again the best item i got from this box has to be the shirt. The next box will be DC related stuff and mine should be arriving soon and hope the box is not beat up just like this.


August ZBox Invasion

This is actually a very late post as by the time i post this up i already receive my September ZBox which i will post it up on the blog.

First up is a doll of Durotan from the warcraft movie. I actually haven't watch the movie yet so i cant really say much about the character it self but the doll it self is not bad.

Next time in the box is a titan vinyl figure from the alien series. In the box they give you the alien with ripley and i have never own any titans vinyl figure so i don't know what to expect from them.

This is one of  the figure that i will never put on my bed side unless i want to scare my self early in the morning. It is the weeping angel bobble head from the doctor who series and i will stop there as to not spoil the series for who ever haven't watch the series.

This is the image of the shirt that came with the box again i got no complain on design.

The last item in the box is the ZBox magazine .

The box art this month as you might have already know from the shirt it self with the Quote that i'm not sure is from who.

Overall the box this time does not come with a lot of stuff but i say it is just ok. I always appreciate stuff from doctor who series even though it is the weeping angel that i hope does not come to life and also the alien series. The shirt i got no complain as i m always like getting a shirt from them but the only thing i m not sure of is the warcraft doll.


July 2016 ZBox Legend

Another month another ZBox opening and this time the theme of the box is legend.

The first item is the shirt and it is white. The first box that i open that come with white shirt as the last 3 box all come with black shirt. The art on the shirt look like link on a horse from the legend of zelda series. The art work on this shirt are not bad and i have to say out of the 4 shirt that i got from ZBox this has to be the best one yet in my opinion.

 The next item which is also from the legend of zelda series is link shield. Haven't had the chance to open it yet but if they come with a master sword spoon that will be awesome.

 Arrow novel book from the CW TV series of the same name arrow. i'm not really a novel book reader hence why i never bought any novel before but since i got this i think i can start.

Flash figure from DC and for a figure that about 4inch it is not light. Haven't open it yet but it feel like metal but will see if it is really metal when i open it up.

next is the super mario kart wiiU figure and i got a luigi. I got no idea how this is under the legend theme, maybe because of super mario bros game is a legend?

The Last item in the box is the ZBox magazine and the next ZBox theme is invasion.

 Lastly is the box art and a qoute which i seriously don't know from where.

Winter soldier Pop figure

Winter soldier pop figure from the movie captain america: civil war that i got from my second ZBox and this pop figure box was damage due to shipping but lucky beside from the box the figure were not damage. Like all pop figure box the back show all the figure that is in the series.

 Painting wise the figure is not bad. Got no issue on it except for 1 tiny spot of paint chip at the back hair. i don't know that is because of manufacture or because of the shipping but it is just a tiny spot so i got no issue on it. As of now i still got 2 more pop figure that i haven't open yet and i hope to open it soon.


June 2016 ZBox mutant

So another ZBox just arrive recently which is the June ZBox with the theme mutant. was suppose to grab this from the post office like a week early but due to the raya festival here the post office was close down.

When i heard the theme mutant the first thing that pop up in my head is X-men and when the box was open there is the usual artwork where if i m not mistaken if from X-men apocalypse and the quote which i m exception from X-men movie.

The first item is a Donatello soft sculpture by funko. i seriously never know this item existed until now as i was expecting another funko pop figure. So far it look well made and Donatello is my favorite turtle of all the four.

Next is the disney infinity figure of the hulk. The figure wise it is not bad though just like the rocket figure i don't have any disney infinity game and the machine to use it and it will just going to be a display for me.

Just like the last two box the shirt artwork is the same with the box artwork.

Just like the last box this one also include a book and it is the X-men hard cover season one. Though i have no idea of this book, i m always happy to add another comic to the collection and might just read this when i got free time.

The last time is the ZBox magazine which come with all the previous ZBox.

personally i think the box was ok but i dont know about that disney infinity figure as not really a fan of it. The Donatello figure/doll was a nice touch i think as i was not expecting that nor do i know that product exis but now i do as for the comic book, well i do collect comic book and i don't own that book yet so it is a nice book added to my collection and as for the shirt, well it is a shirt though the artwork was nice. actually the artwork for the shirt feel nicer than the asggard one before this box.

batman 150 piece jigsaw puzzle

So recently i just remember about this tin case which i got from the batman theme ZBox and since i was bore so i decide to give it a go. It been more than 10 year since i last touch a jigsaw puzzle so i was hopping i does not mess this up.

Inside the tin case contain a bag which contain the 150 piece.

It took me approx 30min or less to complete it and it feel good after manage to complete the puzzle piece after all this time.

May 2016 Zbox Marvellous

finally the box arrive after it was delay on the shipping and it took almost 1 month to arrive but hey it is the cheapest shipping so no complain there but the box was so beaten when i got it which make me feel lucky that there are no fragile item in it. The first box that i got was in better shape than this when i got it.

Just like the last box the inside of the box got a nice art on it and it is a picture of asgard with thor on the middle. The theme for box this time is marvellous which is a marvel and since the captain america was just release on that month.

The first item to come out of the box is this pop figure of the winter soldier which make it my second figure that i own beside the overwatch reaper pop figure.

Next is the Disney infinity figure of rocket raccoon.

Next of the list is a bag tag and i got the wolverine one. from the bag it self it seem like there are other design like the silver surfer, Thor, Iron man, captain america, spiderman and the hulk.

The most heaviest stuff in the box is this spider-man character encyclopedia book. It seem like a book you would want especially if you are a spidy fan.

 This is the T-shirt that come this time with the box and it got the nice art from the box cover. The art is nice but i do wish that they went with other image beside using the same image from the box as it some how ruin the experience of finding out what type of shirt i be getting. It is like the 1st thing i saw there is a shirt in the box and i saw the box art i already know what is on the shirt.

The last item in the box is the ZBox magazine which is showing the previous ZBox item which is the batman theme and also the item that come with this box. It is also showing the other box that zavvi is offering as well as some marvel trivia.

At the bottom of the box is some quote by tony stark from avenger: age of ultron movie.

After checking out the box this time i feel it is much better compair to the last box which is batman theme. Some of the item i will try to review it separately just like the previous box and now still waiting for the june box that already been shipped since last week and hope it arrive faster and not in a bad condition just like the first box.
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